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A. Grammar

1. Conditional type 2 and 3. (Unit 9, 11)

2. The passive voice. (Unit 10)

3. To + infinitive to talk about purposes. (Unit 12)

4. Wh-questions. (Unit 12)

5. Adjectives of attitute. (Unit 13)

6. It be not until…..that… (Unit 13)

7. The articles: A/An, the. (Unit 13)

8. The simple future tense v.s be going to . (Unit 14)

B. Exercises

I. Phonetics


A. beef

B. beer

C. engineer

D. cheer


A. hair

B. chair

C. fail

D. fairy


A. leave

B. bear

C. peace

D. cheap


A. near

B. here

C. ear

D. meat


A. gulf

B. hunt

C. sure

D. current


A. great

B. feat

C. seat

D. beat


A. campfire

B. part

C. animal

D. natural


A. probably

B. valuable

C. bomb

D. baby


A. environment

B. hydroelectric

C. circulation

D. wild


A. unit

B. university

C. unity

D. umbrella

II. Vocabulary and Grammar

Choose the best answer

1. Whales and dolphins both make ............ which in some ways are similar to a language.

A. sounds

B. symbols

C. signals

D. sighs

2. The boy is wearing a(n)............. shirt. It’s too long and loose.

A. oversized

B. medium-sized

C. small-sized

D. large-sized

3. Reducing the gap between rich and poor is one of the main ............ facing the government.

A. challenging

B. challenges

C. challenger

D. challenge

4. There are various .............. and animals in tropical forests.

A. plantations

B. planter

C. plants

D. plant

5. She gave me a ............. look and said nothing.

A. mysteriously

B. mystery

C. mysteries

D. mysterious

6. If modern technology did not exist, we would have never such precious information.

A. valuable

B. precise

C. confidential

D. detailed

7. Some marine animals are dangerous to humans.

A. living in the mountain

B. living in the ocean

C. living in the forest

D. living in the house

8. Human infants have gestation period of nine months.

A. the time during which a human baby develops inside its mother.

B. the time when stomach digests food.

C. the time of eating food.

D. the time of growing up.

9. We had an accidental meeting with an old friend at the party last night.

A. unpleasant

B. unexpected

C. unlucky

D. unacceptable

10. Strong currents are dangerous for swimmers.

A. suits

B. flows

C. sea

D. climates

11. What would you do if you ........... a million dollars?

A. win

B. won

C. had won

D. will win


12. You have been coughing a lot lately. You ............ smoke so much.

A. shouldn’t

B. can’t

C. should

D. can

13. You look so tired. You ........... go to bed early.

A. will

B. must

C. should

D. would

14. Her participation has contributed ............ the success of the program.

A. on

B. in

C. for

D. to

15. Whales and sharks are carnivores, ............ means they eat meat.

A. this

B. that

C. it

D. which

16. We wondered why ............ a tip.

A. to leave

B. should we leave

C. we should leave

D. don’t we leave

17. Thanks to the doctor’s help ............... .

A. I would still feel bad now otherwise.

B. I would feel much better.

C. I feel fine now.

18. If I were to say I liked you, ..................... .

A. you would have fainted.

B. what would you do?

C. you may think I am crazy.

19. I would like her more, ............... .

A. if she was not that cunning.

B. if she gives me some of her money.

C. if she admits that she likes me.

20. I will never talk to you again ............ you apologize me ............. your being so rude.

A. if/ for

B. unless/ for

C. or/ of

D. whether/ of

III. Reading

            Circle the best option to complete this passage

Dolphins are known as cetaceans, or marine (1) .............: they breathe air, they are warm-blood, and they bear live young ones called (2) .............. .

The size of dolphins vary greatly. The smallest dolphin is just about 50 kg in weight and 1.2 meters in length (3) .............. the largest one can weigh up to 8.200 kg and is 10 meters long.

Dolphins are sociable creatures. They swim together in group known as (4) ............. . They show great ability in the water and you can often (5) ............... them playing (6) .............. ships. Dolphins are interested in humans and often rescue people in the sea (7) ............. are in danger. They are intelligent creatures and make sounds to (8) ............... with each other. Scientists have studied dolphins (9) ............. many years and are now looking into the possibility of dolphins (10) ............. able to carry out tasks under the sea.


A. fish

B. creatures

C. mammals

D. life


A. babies

B. calves

C. young

D. diets


A. when

B. as

C. while

D. since


A. currents

B. flocks

C. herds

D. schools


A. look down

B. come across

C. run after

D. go by


A. around

B. on

C. in

D. next


A. which

B. they

C. when

D. who


A. talk

B. contact

C. communicate

D. connect


A. in

B. since

C. for

D. during


A. be

B. being

C. are

D. that are


IV.Read the passage, then circle the best answers.

We are all slowly destroying the earth. The seas and rivers are too dirty to swim in. There is so much smoke in the air that it is unhealthy to live in many of the world’s cities. In one well-known city, for example, poisonous gases from car pollute the air so much that traffic policemen have to wear oxygen masks.

We have cut down so many trees that there are now vast areas of wasteland all over the world. As a result, farmers in parts of Africa cannot grow enough to eat. In certain countries in Asia there is too little rice. Moreover, we do not take enough care of the countryside. Wild animals are quickly disappearing. For instant, tigers are rate in India now because we have killed too many for them to survive. However, it isn’t enough simply to talk about the problem. We must act now before it is too late to do anything about it. Join us now. Save the Earth. This is too important to ignore.

1. The seas and rivers nowadays .................................. .

A. cannot be swum in

B. are less dirty than they used to be

C. are dirty enough to swim in

D. are contaminated

2. Smoke ............................. .

A. is harmful to health

B. is full of the big cities

C. causes an healthy life

D. makes life in big cities difficult

3. In one well-known city, traffic policemen have to wear oxygen masks ................ .

A. in order to protect themselves form being injured

B. in spite of poisonous gases

C. because there are so many cars on the streets

D. because of air pollution

4. Why do farmers in parts of Africa and Asia not grow enough to eat?

A. Because many trees have been planted.

B. Because people cut down many trees.

C. Because there is too little rice.

D. Because there are large areas of land that cannot be used.

5. Wild animals are ......................................... .

A. in danger of extinction

B. being protected from natural environment

C. so rare that they cannot survive

D. killed so many that they cannot live in the forests

6. What is the best title for the passage?

A. Conservation

B. Protect the Nature!

C. The Environment

D. Save the Earth

V.  Rewrite the following sentences which have the same meanings as the original ones.

1. We don’t visit you very often because you live so far away.

If you  didn’t live so far away, I would visit you very often

2. That book was  too expensive, so I didn’t  buy it.

If the book had not been too expensive, I would have bought it

3. Somebody will meet you at the bus station.

You will be met at the bus station.

4. He didn’t arrive at the office until half past nine.

It was not until half past nine that I arrived at the office

VI. Give the right form of verbs in brackets.

1. If my grandfather (be) still alive, he would be a hundred today.(were)

2. I (offer) to give you a lift if I had my car here.(would offer)

3.  If you (drive) from London to Glasgow, which way would you go?(drove)

4.  If they  (study) hard last week, I (not get) bad marks. (had studied/would not have got)

5. If the weather (be)  nice next weekend, they (go)  the country.(is/ will go)

VII. Complete these sentences with the appropriate form of the words in parentheses.

1.One of the most serious that humans are facing is the environmental(pollute)pollution

2. I was (exhaust) exhausted  after a long journey.

3. e cannot clean up our (pollute)  polluted rivers and seas overnight.

4. 6.There is a danger of serious contamination from radioactive waste. (contaminate)






















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